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Initial Guideline How to select good Backpack
One of the most important camping equipment is camping bag, or generally called backpack. Choosing a good backpack is also very important, as it could not be considered as just a bag that carries your stuff. Backpack usually is ignored by many of campers as they can see choosing a good backpack is only small matter for them. However, a lot of experienced campers confirm that it is not just small matter that can be ignored, if you choose a good backpack, it could give you more benefit than you ever think of. This is because when you are out there in the camp, it is the one that always with you and taking care of your stuff. For someone who still be not convinced about the importance of backpack, let me give you an example. In 1993, there was a rock climber who went on a trip and he had to quit the trip before it finished. He had to go back home with severe injuries due to the ill-fitting backpack that damaged his hips. Some time later after he recovered from the illness, he travelled again with the better backpack, then he could complete the mission. This is just a small example to se the importance of backpack, so do not under estimate the importance of a good backpack.

Therefore, the following detail will give you some basic guideline on how to choose good backpack for your trip. This is probably not the comprehensive one but suitable for people like you, as a beginner to start learning about how to choose them properly.

Firstly, identify your needs. Please also bear in mind that individual has their own preference. Some people are minimalists, which means they usually only take something that necessary for the trip, not take everything they want, which sometime that stuff could not be used. On the other hand some people may love to carry a lot of stuff for their trip, especially ones who manage to have a long trip, a month long, for example. So it necessary for you to identify your own needs whether you are which kind of those people so you will have initial idea about kind of backpack that you need.

You may have to estimate the space of the backpack that you require, or other word, you have to estimate about the capacity of the backpack, so you can give the correct information about the backpack to sale person at a shop. It is also good to get the backpack that has maximum capacity on the budget that you can afford, always imagine that you are going to have long trip so you can see how big backpack you need for the trip.

Secondly, comfort is the key. Nobody wants to carry backpack that does not provide comfort to carrier. This is probably the most important factor that you need to consider when choosing backpack. However, it is quite hard to test and measure about how much comfort that each backpack can provide until you bought it and actually use. The only way to test is, if possible, ask for help from seal person that if they can provide some stuff to pack inside and you can carry to see if you feel most comfortable with it.

This is just initial guideline on how to choose good backpack. There are more tips around on how to choose but I just select the first two rules of thumb.

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