Eagle Slough

in Evansville, In


Eagle Slough is a 127 acre wetland conservation project in Vanderburgh County, Indiana, near the city if Evansville. The Slough is located at 5000 Waterworks Road on the Indiana-Kentucky state line in the flood plain of the Ohio River, immediately north of the Ellis Park horse racing track. It consists of three parcels of land, one of 53 acres donated by Traylor Brothers Construction Company and two purchased purchased from the State of Indiana totaling 74 acres.

All of the Eagle Slough property is forested except for the northern most part which consists of various lakes appropriate of migrating waterfowl. To date, over one hundred species of birds and waterfowl have been sighted at the property. The vegetation at Eagle Slough is varied but typical for an Ohio River wetland. Biologically significant, however, is the existence of bald cypress trees which are not typically found north if the Ohio River. Species inventories are ongoing.

More Info:

Eagle Slough Website
Sycamore Land Trust

Directions: Google Maps

Surface: Gravel / Dirt

Trail info:  6/10 mile - Gravel and dirt path.
The main trail is very flat and easy to walk.
The back country trail winds along the west edge of the property and can be rugged and over grown at times..

Birding Info:   The diverse plant life and topography at Eagle Slough provides a wonderful habitat for the expected chickadees, wrens, robins and grackles as well a colorful array of other birds not commonly seen in town, such as blue-gray gnatcatchers, yellow-bellied sapsuckers, blue-winged teals, double-crested cormorants and ruby-crowned kinglets. A number of warblers are stopping by as well.

A complete inventory of nesting, as well as migratory, birds is presently being conducted by the Evansville Audubon Society. Thus far there have been 127 species of birds documented on the property. The best time for bird watching at Eagle Slough is in the early spring, during spring migration and nesting. Late spring and summer months can get real buggy due to the standing water. A list of the birds sighted at Eagle Slough over the past 3 years is available at Wild Birds Unlimited.

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