Angel Mounds Tornado Damage

This page is maintained for historical reference

N37 56.718 W87 27.679

Quoting recent conversations with Angel Mounds curator
Mike Linderman:

DNR Forestry has been marking what they deem as marketable trees that are down in the damaged areas. On May 17th, we hope to have a timber sale of the damaged areas.

With the money we hope to make off of that sale, we will go in and begin a thorough clean up of the area. The areas off of the levee are not as important to us as the area along Pollack Ave. and Stacer Rd., so the extent of what we clean up is yet to be determined.

We do want the trails opened up again, and more than likely will interpret the tornado damage much as they did at Yellowstone after the fires out there years ago.

Volunteer services will be welcomed after the timber sale and harvest. We do have to make sure that no damage occurs to the archaeological aspect of the site, so we may have to move accordingly based on the weather conditions. Hopefully by August there will be a big change in the appearance of the site.

More Tornado Info:

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