Angel Mounds Tornado Damage 2007

Update 9-7-07  "Moving Forward"

Went back again today on a hiking trip to the river with my son. I knew from my last visit that I could still reach the river front near 3 mile island if we took the old bicycle trail. Much to my surprise, I could not. The area that was not damaged by the tornado now has it's own new project going on. Where there once was trail, there is now a 10 ft wide "logging path" that leads down where the original trail once led and just dead ends.

Talked to the Curator for Angel Mounds and he assured me that they are finally moving forword. The logging is done and they have grants to update and restore the area trails. There are also plans to update the trails to include the Black Willow Wetland area also.

This is on of the nicest "natural areas" in the Tri State, and was frequently used by joggers and pet owners. It is a beautiful young forested area, home to many types of natural wildlife including the Black Willow Wetland Area and one of the larges White Tail Deer populations in Southern Indiana. Most of the original trails are all but gone due to logging efforts, but some new additions have been mapped

Also, the possibility for the perfect butterfly habitat is already taking shape. With a little management of weeds and introduction of nessesary wildflowers. It could be a wonderful addition.

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  • I recently took a tour of the area "Feb 2007" looks like some progress has been made in the damaged area. Looks like the DNR may have come through and claimed some timber. It does not look like anything that even closely resembles a wooded area, it looks like Jurassic Park in the second movie, trees are scattered and somewhat stacked all over the place. There are still large chunks of wind blown trailor debris scattered about "see below". It looks more like a logging operation than anything.

    The trails are nothing more than deep rutted logging roads and the back half that was damaged is still not touched by anyone, volunteer or otherwise. If you take the hike towards the river it will ultimately lead to a dead end. The only good thing is that the trail may be of decent use to Mountain bikers,

    I have not followed up with the curator of Angel Mounds, but I am
    curious to see what if any plans the have to utilize the damaged areas.

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