Pounds Hollow/Rim Rock Recreation Area

Relax in the tranquility of this 25 acre picturesque lake nestled in a deep,
wooded valley. Enjoy camping picnicking, fishing, paddle-boating and swimming.
(Currently under renovation with projected completion at the end of 2003,
the Forest Service plans a ribbon cutting in the spring of 2004.) Hike the
Rim Rock trail which meanders through native hardwoods, past the remains
of an old Indian Wall. Take the rock stairway to the valley leading to a
huge rock shelter bluff called Ox-Lot Cave. Pass through “Fat Man’s Misery”,
a narrow passageway through massive cliffs and huge boulders.

Karbers Ridge Road, Off Hwy 1 (618-253-1020 or 658-2111)
.8 mile long Rim Rock trail meanders past old Indian Wall,
Pounds Hollow Lake, Ox-Lot Cave ( a huge rock shelter bluff)
and Fat Man’s Misery (a narrow passageway through massive
cliffs and huge boulders). Beaver Trail connects Rim Rock
with Pounds Hollow and is 1/2 mile long.

Shawnee National Forest - Pounds Hollow Photos

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Shawnee National Forest - Rim Rock

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