Howell Wetlands Hiking Trail

Evansville, Indiana

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Located on Evansville's west side Howell Wetlands is a 23 acre urban wetland park, containing a variety of habitats, on the west side of Evansville, Indiana. This is one of the west side greatest treasures, not to mention one of the most well kept trails in the city.

Fresh mulch and plentiful boardwalks make this the perfect trail for all climates. I prefer the fall months because the birds are migrating to warmer climates and stopping in along the way, especially the Geese.

I saw many today (see photos below). Over all this is a great trail system, I recommend it for everyone


Trail Map
: Howell Wetlands Trail Map
Location: Evansville, In
Web Site:
Surface: Mulch, wooden bridges and boardwalks


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