Name: Ben
Trail: Harmonie State Park
Rating: 4 - Great

Comments: Not that I know from all trails, but this one is fun! I rode the easy trail both directions and I prefer riding clockwise, starting on the opposite side of the road from the intermediate trail. It's a lot faster and easier that way. Riding counter clockwise is more uphill towards the end. I haven't ridden the intermediate trail yet, looks like fun, though.

Name: Old Marathon Runner
Trail: Harmonie State Park
Rating: 4 - Great

Comments: Ok, 1st time ever on a trail. Did the 4 miler. I had a blast on my 5 yr old dust collecting Mongoose I got at the Olney warehouse for $40.00. Wore a heart rate monitor I use training for Marathons and pulled over for a rest when I pegged 178! Don't know if the rate got up from peddling or looking down. Whoever built this, THANK YOU!

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