Scales Lake Mountain Biking Trails

in Boonville, Indiana

Located at Scales lake Park in Boonville, In
Review : From the gatehouse stay left. The trail entrance is right next to the baseball field. This is by far one of the areas best and most used mountain bike trails. There are currently over 5 miles of trails which follow the woodland ravines and roads. This is a moderately technical trail and having the right skills and equipment are recommended
- Tim

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Map to Scales Lake Mountain Biking Trail

Trail Map:
Hand Drawn (avaliable at gatehouse)
Newer Map from Bill Franklin

Location: Boonville, In

Level: Intermediate
Length: 4-5 Miles
Surface: Dirt, Gravel

Other Reviews

"Scales Lake is probably some of the best single-track in Indiana. It's nice, twisty, and technical with some short, steep hills," Scales boasts. Although a farther drive for some, Scales Lake is a better option for novices than USI. The trails are smoother, longer and don't feature as many thigh-pumping hills. A youth might be able to ride segments on a BMX bike, but the effort would quickly wipe out energy and resolve. As with USI, a mountain bike would make the experience more enjoyable, worthwhile, and easier.
Lots of trailheads can be found inside the park. From there, the single-track trail wends its way dense trees. "It has unique terrain, being coal mine spoil banks. With the up and down trails, it's made for good cross-country riding." All trails circle around and meet again in the large park, but it's possible to feel lost. Keep riding and eventually you'll find an access road or the lake. The scenery at Scales is pristine, and unlike the other sites, you'll barely hear any cars.
Some of the hills can be daunting, especially for novices. While not long, some are steep, so you can generate eye-popping speed very quickly. Teach your children about spotting lines (even dismount and walk down the hill first, showing them where they want to aim), body positioning, and brake control, Scales advises. "It's not really a good place for riders just starting out. Once a rider gets used to working his brakes and riding down steep hills, it's a good place to go." Unlike USI, Scales Lake's hills are generally smaller and smoother, but riders still need be cautious. "But for beginning mountain bikers, most hills can be intimidating."

Credit: Matt Maxwell, Courier & Press Correspondent

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