in Evansville, Indiana

(1 mile)     Located on the far north west side of Evansville, this wooded trail area surrounds the St Paul's Church and Cemetary. It is a well maintained facility. Nice signs, wooden bridges and trail markers make this an exceptional place to go hiking.

On June 8th, 1974 a tornado damaged the St. Paul's woods. The church was faced with the decision to log the trees or make the woods into a nature preserve. at the January 1975 meeting, the members voted to preserve the woods. With the aid of the district forester from Petersburg, Michael Coggeshall, trees were identified and plans were made for the trails.

On April 11th, 1976, dedication ceremonies were held for the St. Pauls's Nature Preserve and the first trail was called the John Lehmann Memorial Trail after a pastors son who died in 1975.

The second trail was planned and completedwhich was calleld the Sumac Trail because of a large stand of sumac in the area. On April 3rd, 1977 the Sumac Trail was dedicated

Please keep in mind:

  • Pets are allowed only on a leash
  • Bikes and other vehicles prohiited
  • Smoking and fires prohibited
  • No littering or Hunting
  • Stay on trails
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    Website:   St. Paul's United Church of Christ
    Location: St. Paul's United Church of Christ German Township
    Surface: Dirt, Natural Stone, Wooden Bridges and Crossings.

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