Twin Swamps Nature
Preserve Hiking Trail

Click for Mount Vernon, Indiana Forecast North meets south at Twin Swamps Nature Preserve southwest of Evansville, in the "big toe" of Indiana.

A lengthy boardwalk allows visitors to explore one of the most northern stands of bald cypress trees found anywhere in the United States. Viewers may feel they've been mystically transported to a southern state as they gaze out at the cypress trees with their roots underwater and knobby knees protruding above.

The sloughs are home to spider lilies, among the largest wildflowers in the state, as well as the unusual featherfoil plant, with its leaves floating on the water. It appears to belong to a different geological era.

In fact, the whole swamp aura offers a primordial feel, like Indiana may have been eons ago when it was a shallow ocean.

Directions: Take S.R. 69 south in Posey Co. until it ends at Hovey Lake Fish and Wildlife Area. From there, go west a little over 1.25 mi. to the first intersection. This is Co. Rd. 300W, which is gravel at this point. Go north (right) on the gravel road (the paved road turns south) for about 1 mi. The parking lot will be on the left. A trail and boardwalk traverses the property

Trail Map
: Twin Swamps Trail Map
Location: Located on in Posey County, West of Mt Vernon,In
Surface: The boardwalks and foot trails located throughout the area, allow for visitors to walk through the entire preserve.
Web Site: A Guide to the Wildflowers of Twin Swamps Nature Preserve


Bald CypressWhen you reach the end of the boardwalk, have a seat. Few places offer such peace and tranquilitybald cypress trees are abundant at Twin Swamps Nature Preserve

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