Angel Mounds Hiking / Biking Trail

in Evansville, Indiana


Click for Evansville, Indiana Forecast Location: Evansville, In
Level: Beginner
Length: 2 Miles
Surface:Packed Dirt
Trail Map: Angel Mounds Trail Map
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Located on Evansville's east side
on the grounds of the Angel Mounds State Historic Site

Directions: Take US 41 through Evansville. Turn east onto Riverside Drive. Follow Riverside and take a left onto Pollack Avenue. Continue East on Pollack to the overpass for I-164. Just past the overpass take a right and a quick left into parking area. Head down the levee (See Map) till you come to the trail entrance marked by a sign.

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This is a fun ride for less experienced riders. It is very flat and not too long. Due to tornado damage, logging damage and rerouting of trails, the southern portion of this trail system is very rutted and rough. If you plan on riding, it is best to stay on the northern higher portion of the trail. The best time to ride is during the summer months or early fall, the southern portion floods during heavy rains.

Historical Reference

On Sunday, November 6, 2005 at around 1:50 am CST (0750 UTC), a tornado touched down 2 miles (3 km) north-northwest of Smith Mills in Henderson County, Kentucky, near the Indiana/Kentucky border, and then crossed the Ohio River into Vanderburgh County, Indiana. Staying just south of I-164, the tornado traveled to the northeast causing extensive damage to the Angel Mounds facility.

Click here to view photos of the area taken on April 2nd 2006

Other Reviews

Avid mountain biker Brad Scales of Boonville, Ind., says, "Angel Mounds has some really good single-track trails with a few nice, tight sections.

"Not many hills, but it's good for getting out and riding around. It's more beginner-level trails, an excellent place to learn technique and gears."

He says there are several things to consider about Angel Mounds: During the summer it is extremely muggy under the canopy of trees, and the bugs can be vicious; depending on the weather, some of the trails might be overgrown, so flora, including poison ivy, are gauntlets to ride through; the trail following the woods' western edge is designated for hikers; and the trails are a popular walking spot for dogs and their owners.

Despite those factors, Angel Mounds is undoubtedly the best section of trails in the area for beginners. The long, flat sections and mild obstacles provide just enough challenge to entertain and increase ability. Even experienced riders frequent the trails for cardiovascular exercise.

Credit: Matt Maxwell, Courier & Press Correspondent

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