Bent Twig Hiking /Biking Trail

Evansville, Indiana

Located on Evansville's West side on the grounds of the

There are 25 acres of trails overlooking
a 7.5 acre lake in Bent Twig Trails.
Bent Twig is a natural area on the
USI grounds. Designed by Westwood
Garden Club and assisted by boy
scout troop 371, the area has been
developed as a natural preserve
representitive of the southern
indiana environment.The soil and
terrain are typical of Southwestern
Indiana. Northern, Eastern and
West tree families meet and mingle.

Reflection lake, built by USI
will increase the natural bird
population, provide pond and marsh
study, and enhance overall
aesthetic value.

Click for Evansville, Indiana ForecastDirections: Follow 62 west to the university, from there take University Blvd to Clarke Lane. Turn Right, entrance is to the left of the ROTC Bldg

Trail Map: USI Updated Map

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Location: Evansville, In

Surface: Dirt / Natural stone