Ben Hawes State Park
in Owensboro Ky

Golf is the name of the game at Ben Hawes in Owensboro, Kentucky's third-largest city, but visitors find a host of other recreation options at this 300-acre park.

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Trail Map: Map of Ben Hawes Hiking Trails
Surface: Dirt, Rail Ties, Roots

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  • Trail info: This is a nice trail, it's a basic loop trail with winding trails and a few inclines. Tree roots are everywhere so be careful when walking. Also leaves will hide the trail and the roots. As you enter from the parking lot you will walk up what look like stairs made of railroad ties, this is slightly vigorous if your not in shape, you will know it soon. I recommend you stay straight on the trail, there is a small loop to the right but it was blocked by tree fall. Continue straight and you will come to a fork, either trail will loop pack to this point.

    Birds you will see here: Blue-gray Gnatcatcher    Eastern Bluebird    Scarlet Tanager    Eastern Wood-Pewee   Red-winged Blackbird    Indigo Bunting    Brown-headed Cowbird    Gray Catbird    American Robin    Northern Mockingbird    Palm Warbler    Mourning Dove    Killdeer    Eastern Kingbird    Horned Lark    Barn Swallow    Blue Jay    Song Sparrow    Yellow-breasted Chat    American Goldfinch    Field Sparrow    Red-bellied Woodpecker    Red-eyed Vireo    Red-tailed Hawk    Veery    Carolina Chickadee    Common Yellowthroat    Great Crested Flycatcher    European Starling    Carolina Wren    Yellow-rumped Warbler    Tennessee Warbler    Acadian Flycatcher    Northern Flicker    Yellow-billed Cuckoo    Northern Parula    White-breasted Nuthatch    Wood Thrush    Chestnut-sided Warbler Nashville Warbler Rose-breasted Grosbeak Kentucky Warbler Summer Tanager American Redstart Bay-breasted Warbler Eastern Towhee Blue Grosbeak Blackpoll Warbler Barred Owl Cedar Waxwing Cape May Warbler Brown Thrasher Eastern Meadowlark Chipping Sparrow

    Other Interesting Tidbits:
    Haunted Woods :
    A girl who was accused of witchcraft in the 18th century was burned at the stake in the woods. If your up there at night you can see her ghost walking and the light of the torches of the people who came to burn her.


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