Garvin Park

in Evansville, In

Contract Awarded for New Garvin Park Trail

Garvin Park is one of Evansville's oldest and popular parks. Purchased in 1915, for $50,000, the 80 acres provides a large lake, swimming pool, playground, tennis & basketball courts and is next to historic Bosse Field. Garvin Park is listed on the National Register of Historical Places and is a favorite for public gatherings. During the month of December, the local Easter Seals features the Ritzy Fantasy of Lights for the Christmas season.

In 2004, the City of Evansville, received a Recreational Trail Program Grant for $148,500 to build a trail around Evansmeer Lake in the park. The approximately 1.5 mile trail encircles the lake and provides a pleasant walk through trees with benches to rest and enjoy the beauty of the park. The trail cost was $228,000 and the Evansville Parks Foundation, supported the project with $10,000 from the their Evening on the River event.

After a year of adhering to federal guidelines and ensuring the historical landscape was preserved the trial is complete and the dedication was held on December 6, 2006.

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Surface: Concrete

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  • Trail info: Nice trail / path. The newly paved path is very nice and easy to walk. Garvin Park is one of Evansvilles oldest parks and home to some of the most domesticated geese I have ever seen. The geese and squirrels will walk right up to you expecting a handout, be prepared.

    Mayor Jonathan Weinzapfel and supporters dedicated two major projects in December. A double ribbon cutting ceremony was conducted at Garvin Park on December 6th. The Garvin Park Recreational Trail was officially opened by Mayor Weinzapfel and Councilman Steve Melcher.

    The second Project was the dedication of the new "Otter Park" playground. Both of the projects were the done with the support of the Evansville Parks Foundation.


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