Green River State Forest

in Henderson Ky

The Green River State Forest consists of 1,106 acres located about
five miles northeast of the town of Henderson in Henderson County.
The Forest, which is managed by the Ky. Div. of
Forestry, is 1107 acres of very diverse land types. These including
mature timber stands, slough areas, and 512 acres of recently planted
tree seedlings. Our goal is to produce a high quality timbered forest
while providing an area for research and demonstration, wildlife
management, and a place for recreation for the public.

Hunting is allowed on the forest and follows state guidelines.
Good hunter etiquette is required.
The roads are to be used only by official vehicles.


Trails will be mowed in the spring of 2006 throughout the field areas
and will be open for use by foot traffic, bicycles or horseback.
Camping is allowed on the forest but be
sure to know and adhere to the fire laws.

Web Site:  Division of Forestry

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More Info:
Management goals for the Green River State Forest  - pdf
History of the Green River State Forest  - pdf

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Directions: north of U.S. 60 and west of Tscharner Road, two miles east of Henderson, Kentucky and adjoins the south side of the Green River near its junction with the Ohio River. Slightly over half of the property consists of bottomland (which includes about 65-70 acres of swampland), while the rest is gently sloping uplands.

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  • Notes: My daughter and I camped out here in the summer of 2008, so we could explore the trail system and map it our using our gps. We had a good time, although we ended up losing the gps along the trail. I had to map the trails from memory, so I may be off a bit on my calculations. I went back later to see if I could find it but it must have been concealed in some tall grass.

    The existing trails are primarily just a mowed path through the fields, If you visit this area and are looking for a quiet scenic hike, this is the place. Many of the trails dead end but will take you through many diverse young forested areas. Also note that some trails are fairly new and have many small stumps that stick up about 8 inches, if you are not careful you could possibly cause yourself injury. Towards the northern most area there is a loop path that takes you right by the slough area providing a wonderful view, as of this writing the ground is completely dry but the elevation in this area is 325 -350 feet and I would assume that this area holds water longer than other areas.

    Thru out most of the area the elevation changes are only around 100 feet, anywhere from 350 - 450 feet. Over all the existing trail system is probably around 5-6 miles in length and is widely spread out over 1100+ acres. There may be more trails on the north east section, I just didn't quite make it that far.

    Be advised that the Forest property is sort of "cross cut" between privately owned property, Most of the trails that dead end do so because of private property. This is also an open hunting area, it's imperative to wear an orange reflective vest during deer hunting season so that you will not be mistaken for big game. being visible to other hunters will avoid a tragic accident. Please be aware of your surroundings.


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